Radon testing products and more 

We’ve listed a few radon testing products below that we’ve found to be reliable, based on our experience in the field and our customers. These are some of the most reliable radon detectors, monitors, and test kits available to purchase. We have linked these products to be purchased on Amazon, for fast shipping and secure purchasing.


We recommend these radon testing products listed below


This radon detector is one that we’ve witnessed many customers using in their own home with accurate results. It’s reliable and has 1,164 reviews and has a 4-5 star ranking to prove it. You can click on the image below to purchase off of Amazon for unmatched purchase security along with fast and reliable shipping.

This is the same radon detector as the one listed above, this package comes with two separate detectors for being able to test radon levels in more than one area.

This in-home detector has a 4.5 star ranking and has 895 reviews including reviews from our own customers who have used this exact radon tester with good results.

The radon test kits listed below are all short term test kits that are recommended for homeowners to administer themselves. This is an alternative to buying a more expensive in-home radon detector or having a professional radon test administered. These tests are accurate and comparable to any other short term test on the market. We have personally tested homes with 2 day charcoal style radon test kits, and compared them with our newly calibrated professional continuous radon monitors (CRM’s). We have found these short term charcoal style test kits to be just as accurate for short term testing situations as any other radon testing device for finding the average radon level.

These are professional continuous radon monitors (CRM’s) which are intended to be used mostly by licensed professionals.


Warning: The overall integrity of these radon detecting and radon testing products can be compromised due to delayed shipping time, improper shipping and or handling, and or other time sensitive or careless delivery related variables. We recommend buying these products through Amazon based on the fact that Amazon’s return shipping policy is top-notch along with their added security and ease of checkout.