We provide professional radon services for all industries including residential, commercial, and real estate.


Residential Radon

We offer radon testing and radon mitigation services for all types of residential homes. We offer passive radon system options for builders and new construction homes. We test and mitigate all residential homes, no matter how old or big.


Commercial Radon

We can handle any of your commercial radon testing and radon mitigation needs. We also install radon mitigation systems in commercial buildings to remove other types of gases that are harmful.


Real Estate & Radon

We are the most referred radon testing and radon mitigation company for real estate in West Michigan. Don’t jeopardize a home sale or someone’s health based on a cheaper quote.

  • Most trusted Radon Mitigation company for Real-Estate in the greater Grand Rapids area.

  • We do more Radon Mitigation work for local builders than any other company.