The schultz Pest control advantage

licensed and insured

We follow rigorous safety guidelines for applying pesticides and always follow the product warning labels for proper application in certain areas and locations. Our products are also the safest for the environment, something we take very seriously considering many of our customers have water front homes and or have pools, hot tubs, and small ponds/fountains near their home. The effort and careful strategy we give towards solving each and every unique pest problem is unparalleled. We offer pest control service that is truly superior to that of big pest control companies and franchises. Since this company is owned and operated by the very same people that do the actual service work we believe in our ability to maintain a higher standard of professionalism 

We are a pest control company that actual cares to help you live pest free. We spend the necessary time it takes to get the job done, and find the source of your unwanted pests no matter where they might be hiding. Our overall goal is to keep pests away, but are upmost concern is the safety of you and your loved ones, including any employees or customers you may have. We are a fully staffed and licensed pest control company that’s capable of meeting the needs of all our customers.