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Radon Mitigation fans

There can be many challenges when it comes to installing radon mitigation systems, whether it’s for a residential home or commercial building. The visual aspect and aesthetic side of things concerning radon systems is dependent on what options a home or building allows. Installing these systems in locations that are both pleasing cosmetically to look at, while still being functional in reducing radon levels is our ultimate goal. Meeting both of these demands without compromising the functionality of the radon system is our specialty. To help achieve this we rely on the latest technology and information available to us within the radon mitigation industry.


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radon mitigation system pricing

A radon reduction system consists of pvc pipe connected to the soil either through a hole in a slab, via a sump lid connection, or beneath a plastic sheet in a crawl space. Attached to the pipe is a quiet, continuously operating fan that discharges the radon outdoors.

every residential home and commercial building requires it’s own unique route for installing a radon mitigation system

watch out for quotes given over the phone

The potential variables that can influence the cost of a radon mitigation system are seemingly endless. Some of the radon mitigation systems that we install involve much more technicalities than what can be commonly perceived, radon systems can be very specialized. It is vitally important to have a job quoted properly from the start with all of the possible options and routs specified in accordance with all federal, local, and state, building and radon codes. Further more, a radon mitigation quote should note all potential upgrades that can affect prices, these additional variables may need to be implemented to a radon system to assure a reduction in radon levels.


Don’t let price be the determining factor when choosing a radon mitigation professional. There are no shortcuts in having a radon mitigation job done right. The safety of you and your family is paramount.

Typical installation cost: $600 – $1,500 (dependent on many variables)

  1. outside installation

  2. attic installation

  3. sub-slab suction by coring through slab

  4. sub-slab suction utilizing existing sump opening

  5. seal crawl area with pipe and suction point. Dura-Skim radon retarder, minimum of 6-mil. 8-mil. 10-mil. polyethylene sheeting, or high-density cross-laminated polyethylene, 1/2 in. wide bead of caulk, polyurethane caulk or Proflex by GeoCel

  6. install perforated pipe on crawl area or geotextile drain matting on soil at location of suction point, cover and seal radon pipe and crawl area, separate sections of sheeting must be overlapped by at least 12 in. and seal to wall

  7. connect crawl space pipe to upper sub-slab suction system

  8. connect upper slab to sub-slab suction system

  9. cover and seal sump crock

  10. new submersible sump pump and new check valve

  11. additional suction point

  12. floating slab or french drain

  13. additional cost for fan upgrade

the radon systems we install are quiet and efficient

  • Average operating cost: $3.00/month

  • Expected life span of fan: 11 years

  • Fan replacement cost: $145-$300

  • Periodic maintenance: None